A lot of people will never realize how good their guitar can be. Even a brand new guitar will benefit from a setup. When a company ships out a guitar it is given a basic setup and look over. Scott will take your guitar and set it up for your playing style, with your favorite strings and do some 6th level wizard magic to make your guitar or bass play better than imaginable! 

 (☝️Scott doing Wizard Magic☝️)

We also offer String changes, pickup/component replacement, electric repair, hardware swap and more! Contact Scott today to get a quote and get scheduled.

Here's a look at some of the Guitars that have been setup, upgraded or repaired in the shop.


Tom's Gibson SG

Jason's PRS SE Custom 24 

Darrell's Fender Squier Tele with Bigsby

Scott's Epiphone Les Paul Jr.

Scott's Sterling Cutlass

Scott's PRS SE Custom 24...Thanks a lot Jason, after playing yours I had to go buy one! lol

Scott's Gretsch G5410T Electromatic Rat Rod


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If you need anything after hours I may be able to help you out. Send a text to 812-226-4235 or message us on Facebook


Contact us if you have any questions or want to get your instrument in the books for setup/repair.